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Regulations and Detailed Rules about Graduation Extract from 

Qingdao University Handbook for International Students

Chapter Seven Graduation and Grant of the Degree

31. Those international students who have status as a student have finished or finished in advance all the courses required in the teaching plan, and have obtained the required credit, can be permitted to graduate and be granted the graduation certificate. At the time when they are granted the graduation certificate, they will be granted the related degrees according to the Regulations on Academic Degrees of the People’s Republic of China.

32.Those who meet one of the following conditions will not be granted the bachelor’s degree:

1). Those who have completed the courses but are not qualified to graduate;

2). Those who have completed the courses and have their graduation certificate exchanged;

3). Those who have received more serious penalties than penalty of being under surveillance while being kept in school.

33.Those who haven’t finished the required courses within the required period of time or have failed the graduation examination can apply to prolong the schooling period. The prolonged period is normally one year and cannot exceed two years.

Those who intend to have their schooling period prolonged should apply by themselves to their colleges in written form and transact the related formalities after being approved by the university.

The colleges where foreign students study are responsible for the teaching administration of those who have had their schooling period prolonged. Those students’ statuses will be administered with the statuses of the students of the next grade. They should register in the International Students’ Affairs Office at the beginning of each term. If without asking for leave, they fail to register two weeks after the required date, they will be treated as leaving school voluntarily. If the students pass all the restudied courses within the prolonged period, meet all the requirements for graduation, and meet the standards for granting the degree, they will be granted the degree.

Those who still fail to pass one or more courses within the prolonged study period will be granted the certificate of completion from the period of study and will go through the relevant formalities.

34. Those who have been granted the certificate of completion the schooling can apply to the university for one supplemental examination after half a year but before two years. After being approved, they can take part in the corresponding examination with the other undergraduates. When they have acquired the required credit, they can exchange the certificate of completion the schooling with the graduation certificate. The graduation date begins from the day on which they have the diploma exchanged. Those who have not applied to take part in the supplemental examination or fail in the supplemental examination cannot apply to take part in the supplemental examination  again.

35. Those who are still under the penalty of being under surveillance while being kept in school when they graduate can not be granted the graduation certificate, and can only be treated as having completed the schooling. When the surveillance period expires, they themselves should apply to the International Students’ Affairs Office, which will comment on the students’ performance and then report the application to the university. After the application being approved by the university, the students can be granted the graduation certificate.

36. The grant of degree will be supervised by the Teaching Administration Department of the colleges where foreign students study, who will then report the name list of the students to be granted bachelor’s degree to the Evaluation Committee of Academic Degrees of the university to be checked and approved.

The regulations above can only be explained by the International Students’ Affairs Office, the Teaching Administration Department and the Postgraduates’ Office. The regulations come into effect from the day when they are issued and they can be applied to all international students of medicine.

Supplementary Articles

Article 2 The following students will not be granted the graduation certificate:

1) Those who fail to obtain the graduation qualification;

2) Those who wind up studies;

3) Those who have received punishment as being kept in school but placed under surveillance or more serious punishment. 

Regulations on International Students of Qingdao University Leaving from School 

1. Students who leave school (including graduating, transferring or withdrawing) should take the Clearance Forms to the Teaching Administration Department, International Students’ Affairs Office, Financial Department and to go through the procedures for leaving school: 

1) To settle all the accounts;

2) To check the items in the dormitory and he keys;

3) To return borrowed books and the library card;

4) To return the Student’s ID Card and all kinds of credentials.

2. Students who graduate or finish their courses should leave the university one week after the graduation or completion. Those who fail to leave on time will not enjoy the status of international student and will receive punishment according to the seriousness of the case.

3. Students who graduate or complete their courses should inform the administrative office of dormitory building two days before leaving the university and then check out.

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