Supply Chain Assurance Services (SCAS)

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Supply Chain Assurance Services (SCAS)

Services including

  • Supplier Identification and Selection

    You don’t know which supplier to use? We can search for your ideal supplier basedon your requirements

  • Supplier Verification

    You arenot sure about your supplier? We can carry out the appropriate research toensure a trustworthy and compliant supplier.

  • Price Comparison & Evaluation

    Are you paying too much? We can check the market prices and evaluate the correct price.

  • Customs Classification

    Do you know the Chinese Customs rules and regulations or import country Tariff Book? Wecan classify the goods and advise the specific tariff code.

  • Procurement Auditing

    Is your procurement process optimized and cost effective? Is quality guaranteed and isit safe and secure? We can audit your procurement processes and advise onimprovements.

    Cotecna is one of the world’s leading trade inspection, securityand certification companies. Cotecna combines state-of-art technology andknowledge transfer with innovative, tailor-made services to improve and securetrade environments around the world.

    We provide customized services tomeet with your exact requirements

    Cotecna is dedicated to providing quality supplier and sourcingaudits, and verification service for goods of Chinese origin. By using ourservices you can minimize your purchase risks and maximize potential costsavings, therefore improving your competitive edge.

Key Benefits

  • Find trustworthy and reliable suppliers

  • Find best prices in the local market

  • Save time and travel costs

  • Establish long-term relationships with verifiedsuppliers

  • Ensure quality control before confirmation oforder and delivery

    Please contact:

    Ms. Vivian Yang

    Tel: +86 21 6867 2300(ext. 225), 5058 5384 (direct)

    Fax: +86 21 6867 2311



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