Burkina Faso authorities updated requirement of shelf life.

摘要: 布基纳法索政府对于食品,药品,着色剂,油漆,杀虫剂,化学品,化妆品,酒和同类产品进口,发布新的关于质保期要求

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布基纳法索政府对于食品,药品,着色剂,油漆,杀虫剂,化学品,化妆品,酒和同类产品的进口, 发布新的关于质保期的要求。

Burkina Faso authorities updated with a requirement that all manufacture & expiry dates for all products having shelf life.


A 50% shelf life is remaining upon arrival the inspection report is considered “satisfactory”.

1. 对于食品,药品,着色剂,油漆,杀虫剂,化学品,化妆品,酒和同类产品,包装上的批号和质保期是强制性要求。

This applies to all products having shelf lives, i.e.foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceutical products, colouring agents, paints, insecticides, branded complex chemicals, cosmetics, wines other than in bulk, spirit sand similar products, the control of the packing, the batch number and expiry date is mandatory.


Moreover for foodstuff and pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceutical products, the date of manufacture shall also be checked


For files where an inspection has not been performed (NOPI), the exporter must submit the documents such as the certificate of analysis, certificate of quality etc. and report manufacture and expiry dates.


Notice: The non-negotiable report will be issued if the above information is missing.

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