Cotecna becomes an ISCC certification body

摘要: With the recent signature of a mutual agreement, Cotec

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With the recent signature of a mutual agreement, Cotecna has been approved as a recognized certification body by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification System GmbH (ISCC), one of the leading certification systems for sustainability.

This implies that Cotecna, through our Competence Centerin Colombia, can certify companies along the entire supply chain from the fieldto the consumer and ensure traceability throughout the whole supply chain. ISCC certification provides companies with a higher level of security as it also covers social sustainability issues.

ISCC certification can be used to demonstrate compliance with sustainability requirements from authorities, business customers and final consumers. ISCC can be used for the certification of all kinds of biomass and bioenergy as well as for biomass-based products in the food, feed and chemical industries.

ISCC ensures that:

· Emission of greenhouse gases are reduced

· Biomass is not produced on land with high biodiversity and a high carbon stock

· Good agricultural practices protecting soil, water and air are applied

· Human rights,labour and land rights are respected

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