GRETA BULL:生活在数字时代意味着巨大风险

摘要: 数字技术在为金融服务带来益处的同时增加了风险。世界银行集团扶贫协商小组(CGAP)首席执行官Greta Bull认为,一方面数字金融提高了人们过度负债的可能性,另一方面数据保护和隐私安全也面临全新挑战

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数字技术在为金融服务带来益处的同时增加了风险。世界银行集团扶贫协商小组(CGAP)首席执行官Greta Bull认为,一方面数字金融提高了人们过度负债的可能性,另一方面数据保护和隐私安全也面临全新挑战。




  • Greta Bull  世界银行集团扶贫协商小组(CGAP)首席执行官


So there are many benefits that digital technology brings to financial services provision. But there are risks. Some of them are not necessarily digital risks. But digital accelerates them. So consumer protection is a very serious concern.


And as more as it gets easier and less expensive to provide financial services, there are more financial services. And so theres a real risk of over-indebtedness.So thats one thing. 


A second thing thats very important is data protection and privacy. So many financial services providers are using data much more than they previously did which raises a lot of concerns. So one is where are they getting that data from there are many different sources of data. Some of it is very personal and that data is being sold and packaged. But also how secure is that data and how securely it is being held and what happens if the data it gets out. Thats a big risk when you live in a digital ecosystem. So I think there are whole new challenges around both the protection and privacy of data, but also to the cybersecurity aspects of it.

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